Jill Dunn


Kyle McKinney

Jill Dunn and Kyle McKinney

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Our Story

Jill and Kyle met because of two very important and special people. Beth (Jill's older sister) and Mike (Kyle's best man). If Beth and Mike had never been friends... one of the great seemingly impossible love stories of our time (Jill and Kyle) would have never happened.

Back in High School, Kyle and Mike were always hanging out and having parties in Kyle's basement. Beth would come over and bring her little sister Jill along to see what kind of trouble the older (but cooler) kids were up to. Jill and Kyle's story began as friends over the years and then in 2013, they became a lot more.

Kyle was living in LA. Jill was in Chicago. Jill started taking more and more trips out to LA "just because". Kyle invited Jill to be his date at Raj's wedding "just because". Jill went to see the Cubs at spring training in Arizona... then ended up extending her trip to visit Kyle. Jill and Beth were both invited to visit Mike in Kansas City for a Chiefs game. Naturally, Kyle was there too.

There was something brewing. Something there that wasn't there before. And the rest was history. They were inseparable. Like chocolate chips and cookie dough.
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