Jill Dunn


Kyle McKinney

Jill Dunn and Kyle McKinney

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Our Story

Jill and Kyle met because of two very important and special people, Beth (Jill's older sister) and Mike (Kyle's best friend). While Mike and Kyle had been friends since Elementary school, Beth became friends with them in Middle school. It wasn't until senior year of high school that Beth would bring her little sister, Jill, along to see what kind of trouble the older (but cooler) kids were up to. It was one evening when Jill "slipped" (she actually tripped down the McKinney's basement stairs) into Kyle's life, starting out as friends and several years later as much, much more.

Kyle was living in LA. Jill was in Chicago. It started to be something more when Kyle invited Jill to be his date at the infamous Raj and Amy wedding "as friends". After that, Jill started taking more and more trips out to LA "as friends". Though they never dated through the long distance, Kyle finally moved back to Chicago in 2013, as his Mom puts it, "to get the girl." And that's exactly what happened.

His move back to Chicago in May 2013 sealed the deal. Without wasting much time, while on the bourbon trail in Louisville, they decided that they should live together and moved into their Lincoln Park apartment in December 2013. Little did they know that only two months later, Kyle would receive a job offer back out in Los Angeles. In March of 2014, Jill and Kyle moved out to LA together and have been living the California dream ever since. They invite you all to share the California dream with them in Los Angeles this October!
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