Jill Dunn


Kyle McKinney

Wedding Party

Elizabeth Dunn

Brideswoman, sister of the Bride

Sister of Jill and friend of Kyle since middle school, Beth has been a mainstay during J&K's relationship. She has been teaching in D.C. for 8 years, and now advocates for her students as Vice Principal of her school. Lover of running, bourbon and finding the best restaurants, Beth is always on-the-go and, quite frankly, hard to keep up with -- we dare you to try on the dance floor.

P.S. As the story goes, 12 years ago Beth put Kyle's senior picture on the Dunn's refridgerator, and now, the rest his history.

Victoria Dunn

Brideswoman, sister of the bride

Victoria is a biology teacher in Chicago where she not only helps her students in the classroom, but on the field, coaching JV & Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls soccer (she also just started a futsal club!). When she's not dedicating her life to her students, she is taking care of *one of the loves of her life, Finn, her rescued dog (pictured right). Victoria does find some time to relax, and when she does, she can usually be found watching The Office -- something her and Jill quote regularly, oftentimes while eating Domino's pizza.

*The other love being her boyfriend, Bryan. He'll be at the wedding. Sadly, Finn will not!

Kaitlin McKinney

Brideswoman, Sister of the Groom

2019 is an exciting year for Kaitlin as she is marrying Andrew (see below) in July on the island of Paros, Greece. Outside of planning one of the biggest days of their lives, Kaitlin is mother to their goldren retreiver, Jack. Kaitlin is a talented artist and an amazing spanikopita maker - taking after her Mom and Yiayia.

Jill is excited to have 3 sisters!

Mike Antonelli

Best Man

Mike resides in good ol’ Kansas City with his better half, Stephanie and furry four legged son, Ziggy. Mike and Kyle have been friends for almost their entire lives and grew up playing soccer and wrecking havoc in Naperville. Kyle was given the title of Best Man at Mike’s wedding some years ago and now it’s time to pass the torch. No pressure, but we can’t wait for the speech.

Thomas McKinney

Groomsman, brother of the Groom

Thomas has been Kyle’s brother his entire life. He’s a dog loving, camoflauge wearing, all around good guy. Growing up was easy having a little brother always around to hang out with - whether it was playing soccer, hockey, or having some sort of human pinball machine game in their basement together (sorry Mom). Thomas was even there when Kyle first found his love of filmmaking. Because there’s no better actor than your little brother.

Andrew Donivan

Groomsman, Soon-to-be brother-in-law

Don or Donivan. Never Andrew. Donivan and Kyle were roommates throughout college at The University of Iowa and have become great friends throughout the years. He spends his week days as a Lawyer in Chicago and a Fantasy football owner on the weekends. Donivan is also fiancé to Kyle‘s sister, Kaitlin. No one really knows how. We mean “how lucky” this turned out to be for Kyle because any other guy would constantly get messed with or beat up or poisoned for dating his sister. Older brother syndrome.
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